Despite his role in the lead up to the Iraq War, I have long held the greatest of respect for General Colin Powell. In fact, if he were to run for President as a Republican I would cross over and vote for him in an instant.

That being said, he gave one of the most stirring endorsements I have seen in favor of Barack Obama for President. His rebuke of the current Republican Party was undeniable and should serve notice to everyone in the party that they are driving away more people than they are bringing into the party. Also, he said what needed to be said about the "he's a muslim" issue in a way that makes those that continue to raise it out to be the true bigots that they are by asking, so what if he is with a story following that inspires.

Update: In response to the Powell endorsement, Andy Aplikowski demonstrates the increasingly irrational nature of the conservative wing of the Republican Party. The response? Why, Powell is a LEFTY of course! At what point will we all be "lefties"? If the Republican Party continues to purge itself of every moderate they may find themselves with only a handful of members bickering amongst themselves about who is the most "staunch conservative". I for one encourage Aplikowski to keep purging until he is a party of ONE.

But his selection as Secretary of State may have been President Bush’s biggest mistakes. This was Powell’s first real big chance to let his own personal policies bleed through, and guess what. He isn’t a staunch conservative.


1 Response to "On The Powell Endorsement... UPDATED"

  1. Pat Austin On October 25, 2008 at 9:58 AM

    I'm a conservative and I've always felt that Powell is a RINO, as you mentioned. That said, I do think he's been highly respected in some circles. If I were Mr. Obama, the endorsements of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro as well as the Iranians would be bothering me!