If anyone following the Bachmann saga right now need evidence of the evangelical conservative nature of the 6th District, they need to look no further than to the saga of one Mark Olson in local Senate District 16. The convicted spousal abuser has, for the SECOND TIME, been endorsed by Republican Party leadership despite having lost the primary election to challenger Alison Krueger.

From the St. Cloud Times:

Delegates voted 61-18 on the first ballot to endorse Olson over Alison Krueger of Big Lake, who won the Sept. 9 primary and will be the Republican candidate on the ballot, said Dave Wilson, Senate District 16 Republican Party chairman.

God's Representative still has a lot of support in Senate District 16 and his candidacy does nothing more than hand this election to DFL candidate, Lisa Fobbe.


1 Response to "SD 16 Republicans STILL Endorse Mark Olson..."

  1. Gary Gross On October 22, 2008 at 4:44 AM

    Mark Olson's support in SD-16 is diminishing daily. I doubt he'll get enough write-ins to even play the role of spoiler.

    As for Ms. Fobbe, there's some questionable actions that she'll need to answer for, specifically why the Princeton School District's business director hasn't worked since July 1, 2008 but hasn't been terminated either.