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I just arrived at the St. Paul RiverCentre and will be liveblogging the ISAIAH Time To Believe Gathering.

3:07: Reverend Grant Stevenson is giving his opening remarks...

What is ISAIAH?
ISAIAH is people of faith acting powerfully in the world, casting a stirring vision of a vital faith community that has the courage to declare, commit and act upon a set of values. Those values will transform the dominant culture of despair, scarcity and fear, replacing it with a vision of community, hope and God’s abundance for all people.

3:15: "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" -Edmund Burke
Various speakers give their perspectives on racism and injustice in their lives and in our country. The overarching message though, is to move beyond this situation and fight for the American Dream for everyone.

Also liveblogging this event is a group called My Main Street News.

3:22: "I've Got Work To Do" by the Isley Brothers
This is the theme of the gathering here today and is given by Reverend Kelly Chatman of Redeemer Lutheran Church.

We want affordable housing for everybody...
We want domestic violence to end...
We want health care for everybody...
We want immigration reform...
We want a transportation system that works for everybody...
We want living wage jobs...

All of these were responded to with the refrain, "I've Got Work To Do". We want a Minnesota that is equal for everybody.

3:36: Reverend James Thomas of Mount Olivet Baptist Church speaks about the division of his community by the creation of I94 and demands that this does not happen again with the creation of light rail.

3:38: Sarah Mullins of St. Thomas More Catholic Church speaks about racial inequity and transportation.

"I don't know how to get 100% of the people 100% of the transportation they need"
3:41: ISAIAH is committed to enough stops along Central Corridor to serve the community, maintaining bus service, and living wage jobs and contracts for neighborhood residents.

3:43: Bruce Koehn of Pax Christi Catholic Church is speaking about his difficulties providing insurance at his small business.

"I am committed to being part of the solution."

3:46: ISAIAH is launching a Healthy Communities Campaign to:
  • address health disparities across race and class
  • end domestic violence
3:52: ISAIAH is calling officials to:
  • end the raids that tear apart our communities.
  • comprehensive & just immigration reform.

Politicians in attendance: Amy Klobuchar, Dean Barkley, Al Franken, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, and a few others I did not hear...

Margaret Anderson Kelliher: The divides that we face can be broken down...
We must work together to build a better community. Everybody deserves a better and fair education. Everybody deserves universal health care in this state. We are committed to a healthier Minnesota. We cannot live in a society that does not focus on health.

4:17: I will have video up later of speeches given by Dean Barkley, Al Franken, Senator Amy Klobuchar.

4:28: Elected officials as well as attendants are breaking off to different areas for discussion about a racially equitable St. Paul.

I'm signing off for now but later I will have a review of this event and this organization as well as some video.