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Dean Barkley (Independence Party candidate for United States Senate) was featured on WCCO yesterday touting his independence and chastising both parties for taking their eye off the ball when it comes to the financial crisis.

The money quotes:
"They're both at fault," Barkley said. "This meltdown, they both did it. They're both asleep. Democrats wanted everyone to have a house whether they could afford it or not so they looked the other way. And Republicans, their Wall Street buddies were getting rich so they looked the other way. And look what we got. We got a mess."

At a recent debate, he hit Republican candidate Norm Coleman for many issues including the war in Iraq.

"I think that was his first trillion dollar mistake," said Barkley during the debate. "And the second was his failure to watch over the financial industry, so that was your second trillion dollar mistake. My question is how many more trillion dollar mistakes do we have to put up with?"