I will be attending the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce Debate between Tinklenberg and Bachmann tomorrow at the brand new St. Cloud Library.

In addition to video for the Youtubes, I will be twittering the debate. You can follow me on the left sidebar of Liberal in the Land of Conservative or directly on my twitter page (Political_Muse).

Also, you can join me in the official Liberal in the Land of Conservative chat room. Click on the image below and chat away (there is no sign up required).

Perhaps I will even try to get some questions answered by Bachmann. Do you have any? Leave them in the comments section...

I leave you with a little video from the archives:


1 Response to "St. Cloud Tinklenberg/Bachmann Debate"

  1. Anonymous On October 16, 2008 at 3:33 PM

    Was CRA "bad bad bad: and full of Liar Loans?

    Does she really want to "Drill baby drill!"?

    Is Joe the Plumber her new hero?

    Is ET more like GW than she is?

    Who won this debate?

    Come on Muse, enquiring minds want to know!