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It has been difficult to log posts during this heated election because I have been playing many roles in the electoral effort. Maybe this disqualifies me from being an effective blogger but I had to check in with some thoughts. The desperation in the McCain-Palin campaign is so apparent as to be white hot. The stretch involved in reaching for the recent attacks over Bill Ayers, ACORN, foreign donations etc. is worthy of the finest first baseman. With McCain's economic policy reading like a worn out shoe of standard and failed Republican ploys he has but little choice to attempt the stretch regardless. 

Palin's voice irritates me just slightly less than her whiny attacks and vapid attempts at stating policy. All in all, unless the covert calls to violence from the Republican candidate's campaign come to fruition we should see an Obama presidency elected Nov 4th and sworn in Jan 20th. However, the work will then start in earnest, as the economy is in shreds as is America's reputation in the world. Let me state it again, an Obama election is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the overall health of America is concerned and each and every one of us will have to do some serious soul searching over what we can do as individuals to help get us back on track. It will involve some sacrifice. We may, as the Minnesota Gophers football team has seen, have to take a few steps backward before we can go forward.

Practice starts now.