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While it ultimately did not work, as Michele Bachmann remains my representative, I still feel as though the biggest meme not sufficiently touched upon was her constant absenteeism. Below is the start of that and series and HERE is the rest.

Originally Posted June 19, 2008:

During this summer campaign season, a season in which Michele Bachmann has yet to update her campaign website, Bachmann will be attending conferences at some of the nation's ultra conservative organizations. Rather than courting the votes of independents in the 6th District, she will be pandering to the far right wing of the Republican Party and not even here in her home district.

Some time this week, Representative Bachmann will be a speaker at the Young America's Foundation Leadership Conference. I sent an email to the organization to see if I could get some information about the date of her appearance and was told that this was a "private conference". So, rather than holding public appearances for her constituents, Bachmann is currently holding private meetings with folks in Washington DC that have no connection whatsoever to her district.

What is Young America's Foundation?

According to Sourcewatch, the foundation is "the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement". That sounds innocent enough until you learn that many of the conservative movements most controversial figures are regular guests of the organization. From George Allen of "Macaca" fame to the likes of Anne Coulter and Michele Malkin, Young America's Foundation is catering to the most fringe elements of the Republican Party and the "Conservative Movement".

So, the next time you hear Michele Bachmann claim she is fighting for the "people of Minnesota" you can be certain that those people she speaks of do not include moderate Republicans or independents and they certainly DO NOT include anyone who even remotely describes themselves as a Democrat. Her main concern, it seems, is gaining the attention of the ultra-conservative elites in Washington DC and elsewhere throughout the country.