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A couple of good riddance shout outs need mention today as the Democratic Party proves that it too has its share of stupidity.

William Jefferson (D), who was caught with loads of cash in his freezer, lost his re-election bid. Does it suck to lose a seat in the House of Representatives? Sure, but it hurts more to have this knuckle head with a (D) behind his name.

Perhaps even worse than Jefferson, Rod Blagojevich (D) was arrested today. It seems he was trying to benefit financially from the vacant seat left by Barack Obama.

Neither party is free from stupidity and it is the job of everyone in the party to immediately admonish and oust these folks!

On to the daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

Some yahoo over at Minnpost is going to be "monitoring" the blogs here in Minnesota and pimping out the best ones so the rest of us don't have to put in the effort. I am not here to monitor or be monitored, sir, I am here to mock and ridicule and on rare occasion make some sort of vague rambling point about how Republicans are the devil incarnate!

For example, Lake Minnetonka Liberty really wants you to sign a petition. Why? Because some of those damned capitalists have been buying Islamic companies. Damn you capitalism, DAMN YOU!

And why does Jeff Rosenberg want to give the poor money? Doesn't he realize that these people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps? So what if they cannot afford the straps or the boots to pull themselves up with! Still hating America I guess...

Jeff Bodell is wondering if we can get anything done in the Minnesota House when Republicans have scared the bejeezus out of its membership so much that they will be little more than drone soldiers for Marty "I'm taking my ball and going home!" Seifert.

Drew Emmer continues to hope in one hand and... well, you know the rest!

Our members have plenty of hope

We will see which gets filled first!

Gary Gross has some sort of incoherent rant about how Republicans are qualified and Democrats are OBVIOUSLY not. I love it when Gross uses the word WE as if he really understands what WE really see and believe. You gotta love a little projection...

Aaron Brown has a post up about teachers rallying before heading into negotiations. The best part is the smack down he gives to a commenter! Incidentally, I will be soon heading into my first negotiations as the Co-President of my union.

Across the Great Divide has the post of the day with this line about poverty in America:

The reality is that opportunity in America is not a simple binary choice between unlimited possibility and total victimhood and dysfunction. It's a complex, shifting continuum.

Larry Schumacher at Political Quarry has the information on Michele Bachmann's latest award. Fortunately, Andy Aplikowski is quick to call it liberal bias thus negating any and all relevance for the award. Other news at Political Quarry is that two of my favorite legislators, Larry Haws & Tarryl Clark, are having a town hall meeting this Saturday to discuss the budget deficit.

Finally, poor Larry Craig just can't catch a break! It's a sad day when a guy cannot toe tap his way to male companionship then insist that he didn't do anything and continue oppressing gay people.