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Here it is, the daily romp:

Heavy Handed Politics is pimping out the story that Hillary Clinton cannot become Secretary of State due to a constitutional conflict. So NOW they want to start following the Constitution, nice!

Twin Cities Daily Liberal has some more information on the organization awarding Bachmann as a "Guarding of Worker Freedom". When did higher wages and benefits go against worker freedom?

The Alliance gives Minnesota an “F” for not being a right-to-work state, having a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum, having greater union membership than the national average, having prevailing wage laws, collective bargaining rights and other laws it defines as restricting “worker freedom.” [emphasis added]

Minnesota Brown examines the concept of clean coal. If you haven't put this blog on your must read list, you are truly missing out...

Lake Minnetonka Liberty has the answer for the conservative doldrums: keep throwing out the moderates! You go right ahead and we will see what it gets you...

At the other end of the spectrum you have Holly Cairns (one of my new favorite bloggers) at MN Progressive Project helping to create a big tent for the Democratic Party. While I don't agree that we should abandoned the term liberal, she makes some great points!

With that new, but old, label comes the glorious chance to define "Democrat." Yes, there will be individual differences in each candidate due to a unique set of values, but let's let the candidates explain their own stance. What we need is clarity and vision for the party.

Larry Schumacher at the Political Quarry has a run down of the current budget forecast and it doesn't look good. The conservative answer? Why blame the DFL of course!

Chris Truscott, finally fresh from campaign season, is back and providing the blogosphere with some much needed budget common sense.

It looks like Gary Gross is being forced to apologize for his intellectual dishonesty over at Let Freedom Ring after the Chamber of Commerce smacks him down. I wonder if his "loyal reader" will apologize as well.

I sincerely apologize to Sen. Clark for taking her statements out of context.

Michael Brodkorb has added another minion to Minnesota Democrats Exposed. I am pretty sure I met this guy at the happy hour this summer...