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This DSCC email hit my inbox yesterday.

Dear Hal,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and generous support. Together we made history this cycle - electing Barack Obama, putting a sweeping Democratic majority in the United States Senate, and helping other candidates like Mike Ciresi run impressive and strong campaigns.

After all you've done, we don't want you to lose touch with the arm of our party solely responsible for electing even more Democratic senators: the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).

We at the DSCC are proud of our sustained record of success, and we know that dedicated supporters like you are a huge part of everything we have accomplished. Together, we took back the Senate in 2006. This year, we won at least 7 more seats, giving President-elect Obama 58 votes for change in the Senate.

Our continuing work over the next few months will be vitally important. Careful and strategic preparation now will be crucial to victory in 2010. The map is very favorable to our side again this cycle, and we need as many Democrats in the Senate as possible to help the President-elect clean up the mess George Bush and the Republicans made in Washington.

It will be a long process. We cannot let up now.

You were an essential part of all our historic success this year. Because of all your hard work and generous support, we're putting our country back on track. The tasks ahead will not be easy, but knowing we have you in our corner gives us all great confidence that we will succeed.

The American people are counting on us.


P.S. The DSCC is already looking ahead and planning for Senate victories in 2010, and we want you to play a major role in our success. However, if you do not wish to receive future emails from the DSCC, please click here to opt out.

Some DSCC intern must have been hoping what most of us were hoping last June. Seriously though, doesn't anyone proof that stuff? I read the email on my phone yesterday thinking it was some sort of hoax. Nope, it's the DSCC praising Ciresi and being as factually accurate as their Franken Social Security ads.

Nice work DSCC!


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  1. eric zaetsch On December 20, 2008 at 2:15 PM

    Isn't Franken "like Mike Ciresi" but easier to type without getting vowels reversed?