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The holiday which must not be named as part of my continued secular war on it is just around the corner and it precursor, music, is already filling the airwaves. I must admit that there are few things more nauseating than Christmas music. Does this make me anti-Christmas? No, being a damned heathen secular liberal makes me anti-Christmas!

Seriously, I enjoy Christmas with its food and its family and its festivities but if there is some way we can have a war on the music I would join up in a second! So, if some high ranking officer in the war on Christmas could see it in their heart to focus strictly on the music I would be much appreciated.

Now for your daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

Why do they hate the free market so much over at Shot in the Dark? The market is beginning to demand hybrid cars thus auto makers are beginning to make them and this supposed free market conservative has his panties in a bunch because people are willing to buy even at elevated prices. Come on conservatives, at least find a coherent message! Either the free market is super awesome where business will find a niche and fill it or the free market is a tool of the liberal left.

There are more Orwellian awards being handed out as Michele Bachmann wins the "Guardian of Worker Freedom" award. Minnpost has the story on this organization and how it "protects" the rights of workers to have low wages and few benefits...

There are more rumblings over at Minnesota Independent that retired Congressman, Jim Ramstad, would be a good choice for Drug Czar in an Obama Administration. While some Democrats would applaud this appointment purely out of strategy, I would applaud it because Ramstad is one of a few Republicans that I have high respect for and would even vote for if given the chance.

When Republicans win, obstruction is BAD & when Republicans lose, obstruction is a natural tool of the minority. I don't know why Twin Cities Daily Liberal doesn't understand this very basic and completely logical statement!

Gary Gross is back tilting at windmills as he continues his assault on Tarryl Clark. Over at Let Freedom Ring an anonymous "reader" tells him that Clark made a statement supporting no new taxes. I am currently trying to verify this and will have more when it becomes available. Why is it that I just don't believe Gross or his anonymous reader?

I love Anti-Strib! Seriously, there are few sites that do more to make the case for the DFL and liberals than this conservative hatemongering extravaganza. What are they up to now? First there was all those "dirt worshipping heathens" and then there are all those mexicans who are obviously illegal and obviously criminals and then there are all the muslims who are obviously all terrorists and NOW you can add the poor. What did the poor do, you ask? Well, they are apparently all LOSERS:

There seems to be a major mental disconnect in Washington over just who is defauting on all of these mortgages. People like me who rent to the masses know exactly who these people are, they are mostly losers.

Wright County Republican is giving a shout out to Representative Kohls for advocating a spending freeze. It sounds great until you read that it little more than a gimmick...

As Dump Bachmann ponders the question of a Bachmann run for Governor I give a resounding GO FOR IT! The 6th District will once again send a lamb to slaughter...