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After a nice little break, I'm back to moving my fingers on a keyboard and putting my thoughts in electronic form. I'm blogging again...

I've read some of the other liberal blogs discussing the meaning of being progressive. I've also seen some arguments about where the "middle ground" really is and that progressives shouldn't "sit on a fence".

You don't need a tricked out name tag to be Progressive!

Progressives are forward thinkers, those who seek out new ideas and opportunities to solve the problems that face us. Progressives aren't necessarily liberal.

Mark Satin wrote a book back in 2004 called "Radical Middle: The Politics We Need Now". It's an interesting read. I caught the reviews on the back cover and stumbled across something rather interesting.
"In tone and content, Radical Middle is an antidote to the Al Frankens and Ann Coulters who dominate contemporary political discourse. This book is an intelligent and optimistic contribution to the future of American politics"
He also has a website that touches upon some of his thoughts and ideas.

A radical middle or center is just as progressive as liberal or conservative progressives.

Tenets of a radical center movement include:

Maximize citizen choice, individual empowerment, and overall human potential
Facilitate greater involvement in the political process
Build character by promoting conscious moral choices
Possess a foundation of traditional values and common sense
To me, these are the most important pieces of a radical middle foundation. While I may not necessarily agree with "traditional values", I think the common sense aspect fails in contemporary liberal and conservative ideologies.

Take for example, the debate over energy policy.

Conservatives touted a policy of "Drill Here, Drill Now". (On a side note, why the hell did Bruce Anderson and other local legislative candidates have these "Drill Here, Drill Now" billboards up along I 94 and other major roads?)

Liberals tout energy policies that exclude nuclear energy options.

A radical middle approach looks at near and long term stability and embraces an inclusive parallel energy path. This includes a stronger focus on conservation, while mixing renewable (solar, wind, hydro sources), clean coal technology, natural gas, hydrogen, nuclear, biofuels, and working to create a more efficient energy grid.

Nuclear power is becoming more safe. Workers are being exposed to less and less radiation and plants are becoming more efficient. A new generation scientists and engineers are working to make nuclear power even safer and more efficient and are dedicated to overcoming some of the well known problems of nuclear power.

A radical middle approach is a centrist approach.

There is a middle ground on health care, a middle ground that can help working and middle class Americans.

There is a middle ground on abortion.

There is a middle ground on energy policy.

There is a middle ground on terrorism and the war in Iraq.

Last year, House Minority Leader Marty Seifert led a charge to tar and feather the "override six". These elected leaders strongly believed that it was in their constituents best interests to increase a gas tax that hadn't been raised in nearly 2 decades and provide some real solutions to our transportation woes.

Oppose Al Franken and his US Senate run? You're shunned as a Democrat, hence my move towards Independence.

Today, I stand firmly in the middle. Don't worry, my tail won't be hurt by sitting on any fences (at least no more than getting it in the tail by Democrats and Republicans)

As a radical independent progressive, I'll make choices, choices that are good for the majority of us, without the tricked out name tag.



1 Response to "Progressive Dosen't Always Mean Liberal"

  1. Political Muse On December 6, 2008 at 2:48 PM

    All of these labels are and should be individualized.

    For me, being liberal means embracing the ideas (whether they happen to be Democratic, Independent, Conservative, etc) that make the most sense and serve to improve the situation.

    The label we must work against is that of the ideologue. The person who sticks to the party line regardless of available evidence simply because they refuse to look beyond the ideas of their ideology.

    Great post...