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In my email inbox I received the following message:
It is my distinct pleasure, as the president of Americans for Limited Government, to invite you today to become a key member of the exciting new conservative “bloggers central,” NetRightNation.com.
Either these people are so desperate for blogs to add to their list that they will completely ignore the fact that this is definitely NOT a conservative blog or they are not very successful readers. I tend toward the latter and will try to dumb things down somewhat so that they can understand the content.

Here is your daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

Centrisity, one of my favorite blogs for its concise but highly informative nature, has a blurb and a cartoon about the selection of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. My thought on the Clinton appointment is that if she works hard to make an Obama Administration successful it will set her up for another run in 2016.

Joe Bodell at MN Progressive Project took the words right out of my mouth when it comes to Instant Runoff Voting. If you get better candidates, it will not be necessary.

If we can find a few of those in the next few months, we will not need to change the way we vote in order to win. Independent voters are dissatisfied with the major-party candidates? Fine. Let's give them better candidates -- better Democrats -- who inspire them and remind them of what makes Minnesota great.

And leave out the IRV. We have enough problems figuring out how to count just one round of balloting.

Residual Forces is continuing the cleansing of the Republican Party by kicking out all of Governors across the country. Please, somebody make this guy the chairman of the party here in Minnesota! Seriously, it will be great.

Blue Man is back and already producing great stuff about legislative pay. Welcome back, Hal!

Mississippifarian has a wonderful mash-up of rantings ranging from living wages to Bristol Palin.

Aaron Brown at Minnesota Brown is obviously in favor of keeping Jim Oberstar in his role in the Congress rather than nominating him to be Transportation Secretary. I tend to agree...

Holly Cairns continues her wonderful series of posts examining the crazy conservative organization known as Minnesota Majority over at MN Progressive Project. She asks whether women also have rights and to that the answer is obviously, NO!

St. Cloud is joining a growing list of cities to use surveillance cameras to keep an ever vigilant eye on the streets. Check out MinnPost for more...

Eyeteeth has the introduction of a new Monty Python Youtube Channel and I have already bookmarked it as a favorite because if you cannot love Python then you are obviously a terrorist.

I have desperately tried to avoid the recount stories, but whenever I agree with Gary Gross at Let Freedom Ring it must be officially logged. Over at Minnesota Independent they have the DUH question of the day: could we have found a better Democrat?

Political Quarry reports that Amy Klobuchar is coming to the St. Cloud area...

As always, my favorite Congressman lives up to his word. Bluestem Prairie has the news about the Walz earmarks.

Jeff at Twin Cities Daily Liberal is definitely going to have his liberal membership revoked as he continues to claim that a march to the middle by Obama is a good thing. It must really suck for conservatives when liberals like Jeff make so much sense.

In honor of the new Monty Python channel, I bring you some music:



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