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It has been over a year and a half since the 2006 election that brought Michele Bachmann to the national stage. In that time she has held no open forums or town hall meetings for anyone in her district to attend. She has preferred to stick to private meetings with supporters and right wing talk radio. To the outside observer it appears as though she is less interested in serving the needs of her constituents as she is in serving her own needs of national exposure.

This year, Bachmann has a far more formidable opponent than she had in 2006 but she doesn't seem terribly concerned about the fact that Elwyn Tinklenberg is canvassing the district and reaching out to people tired of the do little partisanship typified by Michele Bachmann.

A simple tale of two websites gives one all they need to know about who is more committed to their constituency this election.

Over at Tinklenberg headquarters, you find an up to date and interactive way to keep in touch with the campaign and its activities:

Yet, if you head over to Bachmann headquarters, you find an out of date front page that looks more like Bachmann wants to keep running against Patty Wetterling:

It seems as though in less than two years, Michele Bachmann traveled to Washington DC and has become so enamored with the place that she no longer cares about the very people who sent her there. She seems to have this belief that from here on out she can ignore her constituents and be elected without putting in any effort or energy.

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  1. Gary Gross On June 9, 2008 at 12:59 PM

    If El Tinklenberg is a serious candidate, why has his fundraising stunk? At least Patty held her own in fundraising against Michele.