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What in the world did we ever do without all the useless crap to be found on the internets? For example, I never used to have a need to incessantly poke a penguin with my mouse until it magically attacked a virtual finger. There has to be a metaphor in there somewhere about how vapid and useless we have become as a society but I am too busy poking a penguin to create it.

On to the daily romp:

I have tried desperately to avoid discussing the recount between worse and worser. However, King Banaian is actually providing real evidence why we should all ignore it and start paying attention to his analysis of coffee and gasoline. Also, there is at least a little bit of humor to come out of this mindnumbingly boring process.

Do you want to help out with the budget deficit problem so that the people we elected don't have to actually do any work? Well, you can either visit some useless blog that only Gary Gross visits to offer a incoherent tirade OR you can go right to the source and tell those actual government people.

Is progressive republican an oxymoron? Probably not, but if republicans keep on their current path, then we might soon see Minnesota Republican as an oxymoron...

I hate to quibble with some guy who is a mayor but wouldn't it be helpful if you provided some actual evidence when calling something a MYTH? Also, there is this:

Second we need to engage St. Paul to redefine a new Minnesota Miracle that fits 21st Century economies and politics. It means fundamental reform (sometimes painful reform) for state and local unit of governments alike. Only then will everyone know the new rules so true innovation can take place. [emphasis mine]

How does one redefine something that is a myth, in your mind, to begin with? Furthermore, if there was no first Minnesota Miracle, then how does one create a NEW Minnesota Miracle? Maybe I am just not a super smart mayor from some town...

Jeff Rosenberg continues to make us all look like amateur slobs with his fancy schmancy graphs and charts...

Why in the world is everyone SHOCKED that Darth Cheney admitted to torture? Would you really expect anything less from the guy that can shoot someone in the face and get an apology for it?

On a serious note, someone is going to have to explain to me why everyone is so upset about the Rick Warren thing. Fine, the guy is a bigot. Haven't we been arguing all along that guilt by association is a ludicrous argument though?

ALERT! Michele Bachmann is still a bigot with a big mouth prone to spew idiotic statements. That is all...

Damn you, Barack Obama! You might talk to a small island nation filled with super communists with no ability to harm us and a leader who is on his death bed. I'm so afraid now...

ALERT! ALERT! Education is bad and dam you liberals for tryin to tech us!