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In a recent post about the upcoming budget deficit, Gary Gross left this comment:
You want solutions? You want bipartisanship? Fine. Let's start with a fair, fact-based discussion of cutting taxes the minute this deficit is eliminated.

If you aren't willing to engage in that discussion, then I'll know that this is all happy talk.
While I am more than willing to have a "fair, fact-based discussion of cutting taxes", it seems to me that we have to first figure out how to eliminate this deficit. I am also willing to consider ALL options in solving this crisis even if that means part of the solution is raising some taxes. It seems, though, that Republicans are NOT willing to discuss tax increases of any kind.

Given that situation, let us begin the discussion of making upwards of $5 billion worth of budget cuts. My State Senator, Tarryl Clark, has indicated that this is the discussion we need to and will have as a state so let's start it here.

As we begin, I have a few guiding questions:
  • What general area of the budget do you feel could or should be cut the most? Why?
  • Within each budgetary area, what specific programs could or should be cut? What reasons do you have for cutting this program?
  • Within each area, what specific staff positions could or should be cut? Why?
  • How much will each of your cuts save?
  • What other specific ideas do you have for solving the current budget crisis?
As we have this discussion I will create new posts with the updated information. On things that we disagree about we can have a vigorous debate about why it should or should not be cut. At the end, perhaps we will be part of the $5 billion solution.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate...

How is that for bipartisanship?