This week the projected budget deficit for the state of Minnesota was released and stands at nearly $5 billion. The DFL Caucus from the House and the Senate gathered for a press conference and the Republican Caucus from the House and the Senate gathered for a woe is me session with the press.

Senator Senjem (R) expressed a willingness to work with the DFL to solve the issues but he was quickly followed by Marty Seifert who spent the rest of the time blaming the DFL and whining about how his party had been beaten down because they made "tough" decisions.

The 25 minute DFL press conference revolved around jobs and working families and what it would take to get the state back on track. Time and time again the phrase "everything is on the table" was uttered by the leadership.

The 11 minute Republican press conference revolved around how government is bad and the DFL is bad yet offered few solutions apart from gutting the health and human services budget. Is it any wonder why their caucus has diminished so dramatically over the past few years? When you offer no solution other than gutting government people start to look for some middle ground.