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Apparently, George W. Bush travelled back in time just to talk to Ghengis Khan. What ever happened to NOT talking to evil terrorists bent on world domination and destruction?

What concessions was Bush able to get from the khan?

Does anybody else wonder if they compared notes on how to effectively lay waste to large swaths of a continent?

On to your abbreviated and late Daily Romp:

Tim Pawlenty is going to cut the crap out of you and you are going to love it!

As usual, Ron Carey is wrong...

Some guy is whining about how unions aren't all that bad. Let me tell you something, if we would just let owners do whatever they want, then they will be super nice to their workforce. The lessons of the early 1900s teach us that.

Ollie Ox is still obsessed with statements about new Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack. Does it seem to anyone else like she is trying to dig up some dirt so that she can take the position for herself?

Let me get this straight, the right is always pissing and moaning about media bias and the left is always pissing and moaning about media bias. Doesn't that mean everything is just right?

Aaron Brown is on the air up north... (No podcast link? WTF)


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  1. Ollie Ox On December 20, 2008 at 11:06 AM

    Sorry, babe, but the Obama transition team got wind of Minnesota's bovine tb status, and put this heifer on the no-fly list.

    And I came so close. Damn those North Dakotans (shaking hoof....)