Dear Dan,

In the St. Cloud Times today, you made the following statement:
I was very pleasantly surprised with what I and some others believe we heard from Sen. Tarryl Clark, the assistant Democrat Senate leader, and Rep. Larry Hosch, House Democrat assistant leader. They indicated raising taxes in these tough economic times would not be good.

Excuse me? You "believe" you heard Senator Clark and Representative Hosch say that "raising taxes in these tough economic times would not be good"? Perhaps you could tell us in full context what they actually DID say rather than creating little more than hearsay and rumor.

I understand that you and Representative Seifert would rather set up the terms by which you will later blame than actually coming to the table and making compromises like legitimate public servants. It would be helpful though if you didn't use statements which have already been debunked, even by your own echo chamber (although that acknowledgment and subsequent apology has been conveniently scrubbed).

Unfortunately, I am less and less hopeful as you and your tool, Gary Gross, continue to use these political tactics before even making attempts at working towards solutions.

I am less and less hopeful as Representative Seifert continues to indicate that he is taking his ball and going home. When your leadership indicates within 48 hours of hearing about the problem that you will not be doing anything helpful to solve the problem and will go so far as to vote against any budget bill then your team becomes the problem and NOT the solution.