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My wife and I have had a long streak of injury free children going back nearly 9 years to the birth of our first daughter. However, that streak was broken this weekend as our youngest tried to do battle with the corner of a table and lost. Three stitches later, we stand at 2 full days without a serious injury.

On the bright side, she received an adorable new stuffed puppy we have officially named "stitches".

That being said, here is your daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

An important change to the Minnesota blogosphere occurred this weekend as MNblue and Minnesota Campaign Report merged into MN Progressive Project. Congratulations to those involved! My only complaint? The link leading to this blog is broken!

Eyeteeth is discussing the death of the copyright and how the Obama Administration is complicit in that death through their new creative commons policy at change.gov.

The Cucking Stool has some upcoming attractions for Drinking Liberally. I don't know if one needs to be formally invited to these events but they sound like a good time...

It is Word AIDS Day and 11th Avenue South has information about events happening here in Minnesota to commemorate the day.

mnpACT has an examination of the 4 mistakes made with the state budget last year. With the legislative session fast approaching I will be looking to see if my local legislators take up the challenge and bring the big ideas.

We have a massive budget debate coming. This patchwork approach that has overshadowed the discussion is not solving our budgetary problem. It is time for big ideas on Healthcare. Time for broader solutions on revenue. Time for a comprehensive transportation approach.

Budgets can't keep thinking about the short term. Minnesota's past strong economic engine was based on forward projections and inclusive ideas.

We need more of that, now more than ever.

MNPublius wants all you Minnesotans to start having promiscuous sex with many partners! Why? Well to keep our 8 congressional districts, of course. I say keep it in your pants people so that we can district Michele Bachmann out of a job.

In even stranger news, Twin Cities Daily Liberal has a post up about George W. Bush receiving some sort of peace prize. That's right, a PEACE prize. If this doesn't tear a hole in the space time continuum, I don't know what will! In other Twin Cities Daily Liberal news that I learned today, I am older than Jeff Rosenberg. Well, at least I am younger than Hal Kimball...

Apparently the end is nie at Grizzly Groundswell as the election of Barack Obama obviously means we have a state run media. I often wonder if tinfoil hats get itchy...

Conservative art is the theme at True North. While I applaud the effort, I shutter to think what conservative art might look like.

Bluestem Prairie has a great bread and butter round up with accompanying R.E.M. (it just doesn't get any better).

Shot in the Dark is doing some more whining about the Community Reinvestment Act. For all their inaccuracies, you have to give them credit for blind persistence! The most amusing part is that half way through the comments you find contributor Mitch Berg completely contradicting the crux of the post. Stay on message boys!

For once I agree with King Banaian over at SCSU Scholars. If you do not have the ability to say no to your children A LOT, then perhaps you need to invest in some contraceptives.

Over at Preserving Freedom you can learn all about how the Alaska Independence Party isn't so bad and all that stuff about breaking away from the United States is just good old fashioned conservatism. You have to love the patriotism there!

The best part is that he is rehashing the Civil War:

This is the United States, it is a Union of States. States can choose to join, logically they also can choose to leave. But of course the issue isn't about what is right or logical. Rather, like most problems in the world, it is about power. If States could choose to secede, it would lessen the power of the Federal Government.

Do you have health care? If you answered NO, stop lying because it is a myth according to Wright County Republican. Given that he is using data from the Heartland Institutute I am immediately suspicious but I do find one line interesting:

But a study published in Health Affairs in November 2006 estimated that 25% of the uninsured were in fact eligible for public coverage,

Now given that Emmer and other conservatives want to get rid of public coverage it doesn't appear to help their argument to say that people could be eligible for that coverage. Have they factored in the percentage of uninsured if we kicked everyone off public coverage? Probably not...