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On this day in 1869, Wyoming voted to give women the right to vote. Like most reasons that men do anything, there was an ulterior motive.

From the History Channel:
Wyoming legislators supported Bright and Lee's bill because they thought it would win the territory free national publicity and might attract more single marriageable women to the region.

Way to go Wyoming! Who knew that the pick up line, "excuse me, would you like to come back to my place and have a little suffrage", would be so effective.

On to the daily romp:

That Keith Ellison guy is trying to get Muslims across the country to rise up. Why? Because Obama's middle name is HUSSEIN. Be afraid righties, BE VERY AFRAID.

Religious leaders demanding constitutionally mandated bigotry call gay people bigots. That's right folks, if you deny someone the right to love you are NOT a bigot. However, if you demand that your love be recognized, then you are a SUPER BIGOT. Makes sense, doesn't it?

The 44th President of the United States has not even been sworn into office and we already have someone dropping out of the 2012 race against him.

The economy has been humming along smoothly and all you naysayers who believe differently are just liberal commie pinkos who deserve to be investigated by the media.

So, some yahoo can't remember all the incidence of corruption in the Republican Party. Whose fault is this? Why that biased liberal media, of course!

A triple threat over at Heavy Handed Politics:
  • Obama is a foreigner! I swear, it's totally true.
  • OMG, he is going to talk to some Muslims! Obviously, he is a Muslim.
  • Sarah Palin is super awesome because she invited Obama to Alaska.
The progressive movement has failed on labor and gay rights. I tend to agree but also understand that there are still plenty of people within that label that are opposed to gay rights who need convincing. You can go to mnpACT for the full story.

ALERT! James Inhofe still doesn't believe in global warming...

Across the Great Divide tracks his charitable giving with a handy dandy spreadsheet? What a huge nerd! Why can't he be flippant with his cash like the rest of us poor lazy liberals...

Jeff Rosenberg took Tim Pawlenty to the woodshed today for wrecking the economy then using this destruction to prove government is bad.

Dear Mitch Berg,

The election is over and you no longer have to try to convince everyone that Sarah Palin is super awesome. We all get it, her vapid stupidity brought out the base in droves. At some point it looks like you are trying to convince yourself rather than the rest of us.

Walmart does suck and if you have ever been into the St. Cloud store, it's a little scary!

ALERT! ALERT! Please sign this petition so that an imaginary doctrine that no one is advocating for will be defeated. Serious, these pretend threats need to be stopped and you can join the movement to stop them.

Aaron Brown is going national...


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  1. eric zaetsch On December 11, 2008 at 8:15 AM

    Not only a foreigner, but prejudiced against our staunch English-speaking friend (how they imitate us), because they tortured his grand dad.


    Mau Mau. The youngsters probably never heard the term.