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The St. Cloud Times introduced a new political columnist today on its opinion page. Typically, I don't call media bias because it is a tired old excuse when you don't want to address the real problem. There are though, occasions when the argument has merit and such is the occasion with this particular columnist.

Gerry Feld argues that Barack Obama needs to "tell us what he knew and when". While I don't disagree that Obama needs to be transparent in this situation so as not to appear guilty, I have a serious problem with the sources cited by Mr. Feld.

Sean Hannity on his radio show Tuesday played a tape from Nov. 23 in which Axelrod told Fox News Chicago that Obama had in fact been in contact with Blagojevich about filling the seat. Axelrod stated “A whole range of names had surfaced during their discussion.”

Axelrod is no stranger to Blagojevich. In fact Axelrod directed one of the governor’s early campaigns. After meeting late Tuesday with Obama, Axelrod said he had misspoken on Nov. 23.

Sounds like the Obama camp is clearly beginning to do damage control.

Really? Sean Hannity is your reputable source? If ever there was a source to be used only as a last resort and only if you want to portray a slanted story, then Sean Hannity would be that source. Notice two things: first, Feld begins making the usual guilt by association connections between Axelrod and Blagojevich and second, he makes statements about "damage control" with the weakest of evidence on which to base his claim.

And, as Hannity noted, Obama is named 44 times in the affidavit. We need to know the truth behind his actions and what he really knows.

What Hannity and Feld fail to mention is that in amongst those 44 times are statements made by Blagojevich that the Obama people were unwilling to offer more than their "appreciation".

Blagojevich deserves to be ousted from his current position as quickly as possible and Obama should continue to be transparent about any and all contacts there were between the two camps. However, for Hannity and his new pal Gerry Feld to play these guilt by association games is dishonest as usual and demonstrates that the Republican Party and its mouth pieces have learned nothing over the last two election cycles.