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The comedy portion of this evenings daily romp comes from that master of wit, Dick Cheney. That's right, under the circumstances what more can you expect from Cheney and Bush? You weren't expecting that we would have a thriving economy, were you? You weren't expecting us to think before we jumped into an unrelated war, were you? You weren't expecting that people wouldn't be tortured, were you? You weren't expecting competence, were you? You weren't expecting that our cities would be protected from hurricanes, were you? Because if you thought these two would leave the country in better shape than they found it, the joke is on YOU!

[Photo from TIME Quote of the Day]

On to the daily romp:

Ollie Ox has a mixed review to the news of Governor Tom Vilsack as the new Secretary of Agriculture. Although it appears like Collin Peterson is on board. Unfortunately, I cannot make snarky comments of Ollie or her posts because, as we all know, YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE OX!

If there is one thing to say about King Banaian, it is that he provides some of the most original work throughout the blogosphere.

There is a Drinking Liberally holiday party and they want you to bring toys for tots. Unfortunately, they will be ultra liberal toys meant to bring on the communism and destroy Christmas...

It has been cold lately and that OBVIOUSLY means there is no global warming. When will people stop listening to the vast majority of scientists who believe and start listening to the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists?

As usual, all the James Oberstar news that nobody really cares about is being graciously provided by Aaron Brown. I do enjoy the snark though:

I hope LaHood likes bike paths. Because he's going to get some damn bike paths whether he likes them or not.

PLEASE, if you have any instances in which you have been oppressed by the liberal bogeyman or woman occupying your college campus or other educational facilities, then please contact Gary Gross so that he can compile an extensive list of all the mean things educators are doing to make students consider all sides of an argument!

If anyone has firsthand knowledge of Minnesota college faculty who are using their classrooms as an indoctrination center, please contact me by leaving a comment. Also, anyone who has firsthand knowledge of professors using intimidation tactics on students should contact me by leaving a comment. Only I can see your email address.

I’d be stunned if indoctrination and intimidation aren’t commonplace on university campuses. It’s time we started pushing back.

I know I use my classroom as an indoctrination center ALL THE TIME. In fact, I even indoctrinate them into believing that indoctrination is the only way they should learn and if they aren't being indoctrinated then they really aren't learning.

Jeff Rosenberg agrees with Newt Gingrich? Will someone please take away his liberal card? Come on, bipartisanship can only go so far!

When will people realize that Jesus was obviously NOT dark skinned. I mean, he was born in the Middle East and people in that area of the world are known for their milky white skin! When will the wholesale oppression of the white man end?

It's a twofer from Gary Gross! Two republicans win in republican areas and a republican wins in a democratic area because the Democrat is as equally corrupt as say, Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, Don Young, or Ted Stevens. The conclusion? Democrats are going to lose from now on because the momentum is over! As usual, Gary will be hoping in one hand and...

Some lady named Katherine Kersten is whining about people not liking her and such...

Dear sweet mother of god if I have to hear or see one more conservative whine about the fairness doctrine that no one else is even discussing, then I believe I might start a crusade to bring it back just so they will actually have some facts to back up their ludicrous claims.

Gavin Sullivan is trying to start a fight with Chris Truscott? Guys, don't you remember the first rule of fight club?

Last, but certainly least, Leo Pusateri has something to say about something that is really pissing him off right now. Let me take the liberty of a translation: "liberals bad, Bill Clinton, blah, blah, blah..."



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  1. Ollie Ox On December 17, 2008 at 7:19 PM

    At long last, a blogger who appreciates all the moos that are fit to print.

    You were right about at least one thing yesterday: Truscott is a smart person writing smart analysis.