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It's always fun to venture over to the blog owned and controlled by Professor Banaian. Typically, you will find some relatively witty connection between real life and economics but every once in awhile you catch that special day when his co-contributor "Janet" pipes in to write a post. These are the special days because it is then that we get to peer into the crazy...

Today was no different as "Janet" unveils the new meme with which to defeat the scourge of our times, President Obama. As if it wasn't bad enough that this commie pinko used a teleprompter device every time he turns around NOW he will not look us in the EYE and that means he is a super sinister liar!

This morning while at my fitness center, I watched all 12 minutes or so of Mr. Obama's performance on his takeover of the auto industry. Not once did Mr. Obama look the camera straight in the eye. Never did he talk directly to us, his American audience. The entire speech was given while Mr. Obama looked from side to side.

Why doesn't he talk to the camera directly, as did Presidents Reagan and Bush? Why is Obama afraid to look straight ahead? He has given enough speeches (written and printed for him) that fear of speaking is not an excuse.

That BASTARD! Those shifty eyes and noncommittal glances. Who could possibly trust a guy who reads from a teleprompter AND shifts his head from left to right and back again. I mean when George W. Bush was lying to us about Saddam Hussein and WMD and connections to Al Qaeda he would AT LEAST look us in the eye. You see, we don't so much care about the truth or fiction stuff but for the love of everything holy please look us in the eyes when you do it!

This new meme will undoubtedly cut Obama to his core...