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As a public educator I am acutely aware of the constant refrain from the right that I and my brethren are engaged in a super secret liberal scheme to indoctrinate children into the liberal ideology. While I am an unapologetic liberal, I take offense to these accusations as I pride myself on remaining neutral in the classroom and presenting as many sides to an argument as possible. In fact, during my time as a civics teacher I argued nearly every side of every issue imaginable.

I want my children (both my own and those that I teach) to be able to analyze the various issues out there and determine for themselves what it is they believe. It does not matter to me whether they become liberals or conservatives. It matters to me that they are able to think for themselves.

That is precisely why things like this are so sad:

Her story teaches children the elemental components of freedom in a humorous, entertaining and fashion. When Miss Kitty is made to appear before the House Too American Activities Committee (HTAC) for her protest of the National Mandatory Indoor Cat Act of 2008, her conservative principles are put to the test with the often ludicrous questions and comments she must bear at the hands of five far left Democrat congressional representatives.

Miss Kitty, however, not only holds her own with the committee, she exposes their hypocrisy, and the idiocy of leftist political ideas such as the disregard for property rights, the thievery of wealth by those in control, nationalization of private companies, and other current day phenomena such as media bias, America bashing, disrespect of the office of the presidency, the ridicule of patriotism, etc.

I get that you want to protect your children from the evil public school educators such as myself, but at what point do you realize that this is every bit the indoctrination which you decry from the left? There certainly must be a better way to teach conservative principles in comparison to liberal principles without demonizing one side of the political spectrum. You have got to believe that your ideology is strong enough to withstand an honest examination of both sides.

Additionally, if your young child is super excited to hear about the story of the conservative kitty defeating the evil liberals, or vice versa for that matter, then your young child needs to get out more and socialize with other children because I can guarantee that children aren't out there worrying about these things. Like I said, it would be funny it weren't so sad...