Representative Larry Haws sent out a press release today about the passage of HF1301, Omnibus Public Safety Policy Bill:


ST. PAUL, MN – State Representative Larry Haws joined House legislative leaders to pass the Omnibus Public Safety Policy Bill (House File 1301)134 to 0 votes.

"This is a good public safety policy bill that provides some positive provisions that will go a long way to keeping Minnesota on track with public safety issues that impact us all,” said State Representative Larry Haws.

The Omnibus Public Safety Policy Bill contains a number of provisions that would strengthen requirements on predatory offenders, ease mandates on state agencies during these tough budget times, and assist local agencies in times of emergencies.

"This bill contains some legislation I co-authored to ensure that felons have an advantage to ‘game the system’ so they can work it out to not go to prison but to a county jail," said State Representative Haws. "This is a real savings to the County taxpayer while extending justice to Minnesotans. I also authored legislation that clarifies current law that sentences imposed for assaulting a correctional officer must run consecutively, not concurrently, to any remaining sentence. Sentencing guidelines will be in place to prevent folks from taking advantage of the system and face just punishment.”

There isn't much to say about a bill that apparently everyone liked. It is nice to see though, a brief moment of pure bipartisanship...