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Michele Bachmann is OUTRAGED, OUTRAGED!

this is a statement of President Obama during last year's election campaign that got remarkably little attention in the media, but he suggested the creation of a Federal police force comparable to the size of the military. And he made that statement, I believe, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And so the question that we need to ask is, why would you need such an organization? [Emphasis Mine]

In fact, she is so outraged by the recent DHS Report about right wing extremism that words escape her and she is forced to steal the words of others in order to effectively express this outrage.

Beyond the obvious plagiarism is the weird little fact that Bachmann is using a highly selective paraphrasing of a Barack Obama speech from last year. This selective quote has conspiracy theorists on the right all in an uproar. The reality, however, is that the speech given by Obama was about the expansion of public service in general. So, what happens when you use more than the selective quote alongside the rant of Bachmann? You get someone who looks a lot crazy...

[It's a long video but I recommend sticking around to the end as Bachmann connects this speech to the increased gun sales across the country!]

Did you get that? Due to the proposed expansion of public service, people are stocking up on their guns and ammunition. Who knew that volunteerism was so scary to some people...