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The St. Cloud Times editorial board has had enough of the daily outrageous comments coming from the mouth of Representative Bachmann. In their "Our View" segment of the opinion section Bachmann is referred to as a non-factor, an extremist, and a fear-monger.

From the article:

Instead, she consistently invokes extremism, typically by flitting around today’s 24/7 media culture ad nauseam. She stops just long enough to drop her political bombs, yet never gives a serious thought to how to shape viable solutions in the partisan environment she knowingly inflames.


Two straight years of her consistently spewing misleading snippets about important issues yet never stepping beyond those statements to find realistic solutions make it clear she is all about extremism and cares nothing about crafting viable public policy.

Has Bachmann reached a tipping point at which the Minnesota media will no longer just allow her comments to go unchallenged? Cue up conservative OUTRAGE in 3, 2, 1...

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