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It's been some time since I addressed the issues of Crown Hydro. During that time, Two Putt Tommy has been keeping up and writing about everything from the Park Board and its uses of the water from the river to the dynamics of the park board to the newest objections by Crown Hydro opponents.

While Two Putt does a fantastic job addressing all the issues at play, I happened upon the site of another supporter of this project. More than just a couple bloggers addressing all of the objections to a legitimate project, this site is a broader call to action for Crown Hydro called "The Power of One Hundred".

What makes this site unique is that it was created by a young woman still in high school by the name of Charise Canales. It is all too infrequent that we see our youth becoming actively engaged with community issues but this young lady is taking it upon herself to personally find 99 other individuals to support this clean energy project. She has even found herself in the news with this piece from the Southwest Journal:

Less typical is her deliberate insertion into a two decades-long, often contentious discussion. The teensy, bespectacled 18-year-old supports — actively supports — the Crown Hydro project, the proposed hydroelectric power plant that would produce energy from St. Anthony Falls. That"s the same Crown Hydro project that once drew out a highly concerned former vice president and recently angered the Minneapolis City Council.

Canales doesn"t care much about the drama. She believes Crown Hydro will create jobs and has the potential of offsetting 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide. That"s what she"s telling her family, her friends, the Internet. In September, she launched the Power of One Hundred, a website aimed at getting 100 people to support the project. So far, she has 18.

The time is now, she said, for Crown Hydro to build.

"It"s been in the works since I was born," she said. "My fate is kind of intertwined with the project."

This young woman should serve as an inspiration to us all that there are still issues and causes which can stir people and especially young people. Those young people should be encouraged to question, encouraged to fight, and applauded for their passion. Whatever may come of this particular issue, there has been at least one positive and that is Charise Canales and her passion to try to change the hearts and minds of those that surround her in the hopes that she can affect some change in her world. At some point in the near future I hope to have a sit down with Ms. Canales either via video or via podcast to hear her passion and her perspective on the way forward for Crown Hydro. Also, I would encourage you to help her meet her goal of gathering 100 supporters for this clean energy project.


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