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There really are times when a piece of legislation passes with less than unanimous support that you have to wonder, how can you be against that? Such is the case with HR 388, a bill "to assist in the conservation of cranes".

To assist in the conservation of cranes by supporting and providing, through projects of persons and organizations with expertise in crane conservation, financial resources for the conservation programs of countries the activities of which directly or indirectly affect cranes and the ecosystems of cranes.

Our very own Michele Bachmann decided that there was something in this bill that merited a NO vote. What that something is, I imagine we will never know but apparently she and her conservative brethren have decided that cranes specifically and conservation in general are something on which to be opposed.

Perhaps the crane will be used in some sinister socialist plot or perhaps it is because these birds so flippantly ignore our borders with their "migration" patterns and thus must be feared. For more on this global scourge, you can visit their obviously communist conservation site.