Senator Tarryl Clark makes clear this week that the budget put forward by the Senate DFL is the more responsible method for dealing with the current budget crisis facing the state. Through relatively deep cuts across the board and through increased taxes, the Senate plan leaves no one untouched while the plan laid out by Governor Pawlenty continues to shift any costs down to property taxes.

Tarryl also took time out this week to address Earth Day and legislation going through the Senate to encourage green jobs.

Finally, Tarryl reaches out to Governor Pawlenty to urge him to work together with the legislature to solve the budget crisis. No one will get everything they want and to dig in your feet and take certain solutions off the table is completely unhelpful to the difficult decisions of governance.


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  1. lavndrblue On April 27, 2009 at 2:19 PM

    Green jobs have been offshored to the tune of 22,000 since Jan. 1, 2009. We should ask her how that can be stopped. I have emailed the 'Prez' as well.,000+green+jobs+to+India&artid=IDyD1IXSM1c=&SectionID=XT7e3Zkr/lw=&MainSectionID=XT7e3Zkr/lw=&SectionName=HFdYSiSIflu29kcfsoAfeg==&SEO=