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A while back I subscribed to the social network site, stumbleupon. It was fun for a time to click through and find various random sites that I would never have discovered without the handy dandy stumble button. However, I soon tired of the site and haven't done much with it since.

One of the features, though, is that when I search google my stumble account will display tags for sites that have already been found and/or reviewed. So, when I input the term Michele Bachmann, this is what it looks like:

You should quickly notice something out of the ordinary. On closer inspection you will find that the Bachmann campaign site is tagged as "humor" by stumbleupon and even better than that, the official house.gov site is tagged as "pornography".

Who is out there defining Michele Bachmann as "humor" and "pornography"? I clicked through but was unable to determine where these interesting new definitions of Bachmann sites are coming from.
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