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Ah, yes, totally equivalent. I often consider the mass extermination of a group of people to be of equal importance to the survival of a business entity. Can't you just see Bono and the rest of the world's aid organizations holding some sort of NYT Relief rally? In fact, I would suggest that they hold such a relief rally IN Darfur so as to show those people that there are people in the world whose suffering FAR exceeds their own.

[From TIME Quote of the Day]

Seriously, at what point do you become so deluded in your own self importance that you believe that saving a NEWSPAPER compares to the rape and murder of entire populations of people?

On to your weekly romp:

The sad news of the week is that after many productive years, ollie ox has been taken out to pasture. It is not entirely clear what the world will be like without a constant source of news about Tim Walz for all of us outside the 1st District to live vicariously through.

Do you ever wonder why the folks at Anti-Strib are always reposting their "rules" for commenting? It boggles the mind really because all of their content provides for such a civil debate. I just cannot imagine why the conversation would be coarsened by such high brow subjects as calling people dumb for living where the affects of nature might find them. When will people learn that natural disasters are all their fault and thus deserve no help for their reckless decision to build their houses in nature.

Come on Blue Man, it's not THAT crazy! I mean those damned heathen conservatives have been forsaking God for quite some time and probably deserve a good smiting...

ALERT! Please stop demogoguing the issue of guns but please do join the organization which is responsible for the vast majority of demogoguery. Are we clear?

Well of course it is unfair! If a gay couple is allowed to make end of life decisions for their partner, then the end of life decisions that I make in my heterosexual relationship will be severely damaged. All I will be able to think about if and when my wife passes is what decision some gay couple made...

Wouldn't that be great? An army of Michele Bachmann's roaming the United States saving us from non-existent plots to replace the dollar and protecting us from those evil CFC light bulbs. Their motto could be "saving the world, one imaginary threat at a time!"

Holy Crap! Did you know that Allah is actually a vampire? Seriously, it really does help the cause of peace when both extremes consider the other the devil incarnate. It makes you look so much more reasonable than the Islamic extremists who describe Christians as the devil incarnate.

It is time once again for the things you can learn from Lake Minnetonka Liberty:
Dear Minnpost, here in the world of reality we call that a backhanded compliment but hey, you keep up the great work with that hard hitting journalism...

Come on people, let's not pick on Dave Senjem. After all, it's a really difficult job to preside over an irrelevant minority.

I am OUTRAGED! OUTRAGED I tell you! How dare MNPublius tell me what I should or should not be outraged about. We should be living in a world where the slightest misstep by another public official is held up as an example of how "we" are better than "them".

Well, I guess that answers the whole global warming thing. Sure am glad the infallible word of god clears up all that "science" crap. In other news, the church is rescinding that apology to Galileo as it is understood that the sun revolves around the Earth and all you sun centric universe alarmists are total nazis!

Well thank god they are talking about the really important matters. I would hate to think that conservatism has been reduced to pissing and moaning about the gifts our President presents to other leaders.

Oh that is too funny! Of all the April Fool's Jokes I have read or heard, this one is the funniest. Where do they think this stuff up? Who says conservatives don't have a sense of humor. She is so right when she says conservatives are respectful of other viewpoints. They certainly aren't the ones calling people they disagree with socialist, communist, fascist, muslim terrorists. They would NEVER do such a thing...

Oh, Leo, little do you realize that the joke IS your blog...

It is now time for the week according to Andy Aplikowski:
To review, Andy is not very happy with that Barack Obama guy! Coming next week, Andy will demonstrate once again just how bad Obama is by complaining about his footwear, the toothpaste he uses, and the Anti-American way he walks.

Wait, so you are telling me that the problem for the MNGOP is that they are TOO SMART? Gosh, they must be too modest as well...

YEAH! Let's be partisan bastards using the logic that they do it too. That is sure to solve things...

WHAT! You mean to tell me that King Banaian is wrong about something? I refuse, REFUSE I TELL YOU, to believe that the infallible word of Banaian could be questioned!

We here at Liberal in the Land of Conservative encourage the current media strategy of our Congresswoman. Why? Who better to demonstrate to the country what the Republican Party has to offer. Those offerings include imaginary battles against nonexistent problems and calls for armed insurrection...


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  1. Mitch Berg On April 5, 2009 at 8:15 PM

    While we're not "TOO SMART" (merely smarter than our opposition), I'm not sure where you got that from the piece you linked.

    And while it's entirely feasible that King Banaian might be wrong about something, Steve "Spotty" Timmer will never be the one to point it out. Not accurately, anyway.