Over in Senate District 14, the DFL endorsed Larry Hosch and Rob Jacobs for the Minnesota House of Representatives. For Jacobs, it took two ballots to achieve the required amount of support for the endorsement while Hosch cruised to a unanimous endorsement. Having met both these men, I can say with no uncertainty that they are fantastic choices and would serve the area well.

On the delegate front, I wasn't able to get hard numbers from District 14 but it appears as though Tinklenberg and Franken cleaned up much in the same way that they did in Senate District 15.

In Senate District 15, the DFL endorsed Larry Haws and Joanne Dorsher (both unanimously) for the Minnesota House of Representatives. I am hoping, in the next month or so, to do some more detailed reporting on the Dorsher campaign. She has a difficult road ahead to unseat Steve Gottwalt but after a brief conversation, it seems as though she is ready for that challenge.

Larry Schumacher has a nice article up on the events of the day. He also took some video of the day which you can view here. Although only here can you find speeches by the candidates in their entirety. Take that Larry! :)

There were some wonderful speeches given by various Democratic candidates throughout the day:

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

Jack gives a great stump speech and really knows how to inspire a crowd. While the challenge ahead of him is almost insurmountable, I become more supportive of his candidacy every time I hear him speak.

Bob Olson

Elwyn Tinklenberg

This is quite possibly the best speech I have heard Mr. Tinklenberg give and if he continues to improve like this our hopes of defeating "The Dimmest Bulb" will grow exponentially.

Tarryl Clark

Larry Haws

The Haws speech was hands down the best speech of the day. He has a "fire in his belly" for service and that bodes well for all of us in House District 15B. On the several occasions that I have been able to speak with Mr. Haws, I have been supremely impressed. With personality and humor he all but dares you not to go along with him. Keep up the great work Larry!

Joanne Dorsher

Unfortunately, due to my own ineptness, I was unable to get the entire speech. However, this small segment highlights the commitment Joanne has to addressing the needs of education.


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  1. Zachary On March 31, 2008 at 9:59 PM

    Thanks for posting the videos!


  2. Susan On April 1, 2008 at 3:45 PM

    Thanks for posting the videos! I linked to them on the DFL SD15 website.