It has been some time since we last examined Michele Bachmann at Clare Boothe Luce. In this episode, Bachmann touts the Bush economy as one of endless prosperity and success. Unfortunately, as is the case with so many things that come out of her mouth, the facts tell a wholly different story.

Michele tries to use statistics such as that the economy grew at an average rate of 1% before the 2003 tax cuts while after the tax cuts the economy grew at a rate of 3.1%.

However, what she doesn't tell the crowd is that economic growth has fallen every single year since the 2003 tax cuts. From a high of 3.6% in 2004 it fell to 2.2% in 2007. It would be equally valid to say that average economic growth has continually fallen ever since those tax cuts were put into place.

"The big hue and cry that all these talking heads..."

Michele, trying to dismiss opposing arguments by using hyperbole simply shows the hyper-partisanship that has become the norm for your tenure in office. It would be interesting to note that TEN Nobel Laureates came out in opposition to the Bush tax plan. While I understand that those of Bachmann's ilk scoff at academia, it seems to me that the authority of ten economic nobel laureates far outweighs that off a religious zealot from Stillwater, Minnesota.
Beyond statistics, there are the realities we have previously discussed about this great economy of ours. Bachmann continues to ignore the rising levels of poverty in this country, the increasing number of people without health insurance, and the falling wages of American workers. Check it out here, here, here, and here.

Bachmann Money Quote:
"All the cliches that you think about liberals and conservatives, THEY'RE TRUE! THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY TRUE!"

So, if we are to understand Mrs. Bachmann correctly, every overused expression used to describe conservatives is true. Has she just admitted that conservatives are war mongering, bigoted racists, and bent on creating a theocratic rule out of the United States government? Add in your own conservative cliches as they have been officially given the Bachmann stamp of approval.

More Bachmann Money Quote:

"putting their John Henry on..."

Excuse me, ma'am? Could you please stop claiming to be patriotic if you cannot even get the name of John Hancock correct.

WHAT! Another Money Quote:
"When Nancy Pelosi took office, oil was being sold at $52 barrel. You know what it was this week? $98 per barrel. That's what happened with these phenomenal spike ups in spending."

Apparently, the implication here is that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are to blame for the rise in oil prices. Never mind the fact that when President Bush took office, oil prices hovered below $30 per barrel. Also, never mind the fact that Republicans increased spending by 50% in the years since President Bush took office with nary a veto pen in sight.

With so many inconsistencies, I will leave it to others to fill in the blanks in the comments section.

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1 Response to "Michele Bachmann Speaks... Part 3"

  1. fastjerry On March 27, 2008 at 11:14 AM

    After watching the video I am left almost speechless, however let me state clearly : every person is entitled to their own opinion, but no person is entitled to their own set of facts. Michele Bachmann makes up "facts" as fast as she has a place to use them, and her comment on Nancy Pelosi and her effect on gas prices is mind bogglingly stupid--then again maybe we should consider her audience! Yesterdays piece on her light bulb legislation clearly marks her as the dimmest bulb in congress, we need to turn her switch off in November.