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Recently, conservatives across the country took to the airwaves, led by the likes of Michele Bachmann and others, to express their indignation at the Department of Homeland Security report describing the potential rise of right wing extremism.

HOW DARE YOU, they screamed at the top of their lungs! Labeling people who are opposed to abortion as potential terrorists? Who could even fathom such a situation? These are certainly not people who are violent or people we should be in any way concerned about...

It is not as if a prominent member of the conservative movement here in Minnesota who apparently has one on one conversations with Representative Bachmann would advocate or be excited by such things as the assassination of a President or a Doctor who performs abortions, would he?

Well, certainly in the thick of a campaign there are words that are spoken which perhaps we wish we could take back:

So, why is it important to highlight this fine fellow from the right wing blogosphere in Minnesota? Well, in early August, this blogger called openly for the assassination of Barack Obama.

Somebody please! Do a Sirhan Sirhan on this pompous ass, willya?

But it wouldn't happen again, would it? Oops, nevermind...

What about the killing of a Doctor who performs an abortion? Certainly he condemns the killing even though he disagrees with the practice, right? Oops, nevermind...

Remember that song, "Dancing in the street"? I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to play it really loud... and dance in the street!

Nope, no domestic terrorists here... Ain't conservatism GRAND!


2 responses to ""Dancing In The Streets" Over Assassination"

  1. Anonymous On June 2, 2009 at 1:42 AM

    The test of a person's humanity happened this past week...and you flunked. You really celebrate the shooting death of a person in church with their family present? How about assaults on an elementary school classroom? Too far out? Then how about an assault on kids in a high school class? How about assault on you? What do you think about that? Or is your own sorry ass the criteria?

    You are one of the test cases for why we have a first amendment...on the warning side of the equation. I hope you have fun, slouching in your chair all day spewing hate. Are you really so fearful and so lacking in self-respect that all you can do is put other people down? Do you EVER have any good words for anyone? Do YOU have a justification for using up space? And by what criteria do you judge yourself? Do you have any idea how far apart you and Dr Tiller might be on GOD'S scale? You might be a lot closer than YOU think.

    Have a wonderful life.

  2. MBerg On June 2, 2009 at 7:15 AM

    While the answer to bad speech actually IS good speech (as opposed to speech rationing and the Fairness Doctrine and the other crutches of the left), ascribing guilt by association is a coward's argument.

    On a day when every credible conservative, including every major pro-life organization, condemned the Tiller shooting, you...:

    1. Focus on a fringe blogger with a habit of shooting his mouth off
    2. Transferring him to your various bete noirs (Bachmann, based on a *conversation*? True North, wrongly?)
    3. Acting as if this is a dominant conservative trait?

    Just saying - a guy who shares a movement with the terminally stupid Grace Kelly and the always-yapping-about-violence Mark Gisleson and Phoenix "watch out, SUV drivers, bikers are armed!" Woman might want to be a little less rash with the whole "guilt by association" thing.

    And your twitter about LML being involved with True North is wrong; he's never written for True North.

    Are you pissed about the Tiller shooting? So am I (this sort of crap sets the whole pro-life movement back). But that doesn't excuse you from the obligation to get your facts straight.