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This is the question which created a nation, developed a Constitution, played a role in a Civil War, and to this day places people in any number of ideologies which seek to definitively answer. From those who believe the proper role of government is rooted in only the physical defense of its citizenry to those who believe in a more expansive public safety net, the question continues to drive us as we seek to determine what we want out of our government nationally and here in the state of Minnesota.

All of the other arguments around taxation, services, and aid are merely subsets of this larger question between ideologies. So, as we discuss the effects of unallotment let us also have an honest discussion of what we want the role of government to be here in Minnesota.

From my perspective, the role of government is that of a supplement. A supplement that helps those people who drop through the cracks of even the best charity networks. A supplement that keeps education from being the opportunity of more than just the very wealthy. A supplement that provides our state with the services and infrastructure we simply could not provide for individually or even in small groups.

So, what should the role of government be? Why?