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Michele Bachmann has been on a tear lately about ACORN and the census and the potential role ACORN might play in that census. Apparently, according to Bachmann, the census will be used to round people up and throw them into internment camps much like the Japanese in World War II.

Well, FactCheck.org did a little digging and had this to say about the rantings of my tinfoil hat representative in Congress:

ACORN "will be in charge of going door-to-door and collecting data from the American public," said Rep. Michele Bachmann in mid-June.


And Bachmann is flat wrong about ACORN going door-to-door and gathering data. Being "partners" with the Census Bureau doesn't entail as close a relationship as one might think. For the most part it involves getting the word out that it's important for everyone to participate in the decennial event that helps determine where federal money goes and how House of Representatives district boundaries are redrawn. [Emphasis Mine]

I long ago moved from being outraged by anything Michele Bachmann does or says and have reached the point where I view her as a mere caricature. My question to Bachmann supporters persists: Is this the best you have to offer to represent conservative values? Doesn't she just make "conservative" more synonymous with "crazy"?