As the health care debate continues to rage between the forces who firmly believe in a single payer system versus those who stand on the side of an entirely free market system, there has been little progress in actually accomplishing anything of substance. That being said, President Obama is staking a good deal of his political capital on producing some actual reform.

In his weekly address, he gives some hints at the kind of reform he is looking towards. The biggest of these being lowered cost, improved coverage, and consumer choice. What that all means and how that all works remains to be seen.

Over the past two weeks, the Progressive Caucus has been holding its special order hour specifically on the subject of health care and the reform of the system. Minnesota Representative, Keith Ellison, spoke as part of that group:

More towards the middle of the spectrum, Dr. Maureen Reed who is seeking the DFL and Independence Party endorsements to run against Michele Bachmann spoke about the need to stop being wedded to a solution and actually find a solution.

One thing is clear, whatever your feelings are about health care and the need for reform, the issue will be at the forefront of the national debate for some time to come.