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With the recent announcement that Governor Pawlenty will not be running for a third term, the race is on from the right to announce or announce that you are thinking about announcing. Even before the Pawlenty news there was already a slew of candidates on the left who are running or thinking about running.

Politics in Minnesota has a handy dandy chart for you to see who is officially in, who is thinking about being officially in, and who they believe is definitely out.

Here are the names on the Left either running or thinking about running:

  • Tom Bakk
  • Chris Coleman
  • Mark Dayton
  • Matt Entenza
  • Susan Gaertner
  • Steve Kelley
  • Margaret Anderson Kelliher
  • John Marty
  • R.T. Rybak
  • Paul Thissen

Here are the names on the Right either running or thinking about running:

  • Pat Anderson
  • David Hann
  • Paul Koering
  • Paul Kohls
  • Marty Seifert
  • Charlie Weaver

Honestly, my initial thought is one of unimpressed apathy with the entire field. What are your thoughts? Do you have a dream candidate? Throughout the summer my hope is to do some more detailed profiles on the various candidates who officially announce. Stay tuned...