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Representative Bachmann, who has previously railed against community service as the potential "re-education" of the children of this country, took the opportunity yesterday in the House of Representatives to vote against a resolution supporting the goals and effectiveness of the AmeriCorps Program.

The text of H. Res. 453:

June 10, 2009.

Whereas the AmeriCorps national service program, since its inception in 1994, has proven to be a highly effective way to engage Americans in meeting a wide range of local needs, national response directives, and promote the ethic of service and volunteering;

Whereas, each year, AmeriCorps provides opportunities for 75,000 citizens across the Nation to give back in an intensive way to their communities, States, and to the Nation;

Whereas those same individuals have improved the lives of the Nation's most vulnerable citizens, protect the environment, contribute to public safety, respond to disasters, and strengthen the educational system;

Whereas AmeriCorps members, after their terms of service end, remain engaged in their communities as volunteers, teachers, and nonprofit professionals in disproportionately high levels;

Whereas AmeriCorps members serve thousands of nonprofit organizations, schools, and faith-based and community organizations each year;

Whereas, on April 21, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, passed by bipartisan majorities in both the House and the Senate, which reauthorizes and expands AmeriCorps programs to incorporate 250,000 volunteers each year;

Whereas national service programs have engaged millions of Americans in results-driven service in the Nation's most vulnerable communities, providing hope and help to people facing economic and social needs;

Whereas, this year, as the economic downturn puts millions of Americans at risk, national service and volunteering are more important than ever; and

Whereas 2009s AmeriCorps Week, observed May 9 through May 16, provides the perfect opportunity for AmeriCorps members, alums, grantees, program partners, and friends to shine a spotlight on the work done by members--and to motivate more Americans to serve their communities:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the House of Representatives--

(1) encourages all citizens to join in a national effort to salute AmeriCorps members and alumni, and raise awareness about the importance of national and community service;

(2) acknowledges the significant accomplishments of the AmeriCorps members, alumni, and community partners;

(3) recognizes the important contributions to the lives of our citizens by AmeriCorps members; and

(4) encourages citizens of all ages and backgrounds and from each state to consider serving in AmeriCorps.

      What is AmeriCorps?

      Each year, AmeriCorps offers 75,000 opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Whether your service makes a community safer, gives a child a second chance, or helps protect the environment, you’ll be getting things done through AmeriCorps!

      AmeriCorps members address critical needs in communities all across America. As an AmeriCorps member, you can:

      • Tutor and mentor disadvantaged youth
      • Fight illiteracy
      • Improve health services
      • Build affordable housing
      • Teach computer skills
      • Clean parks and streams
      • Manage or operate after-school programs
      • Help communities respond to disasters
      • Build organizational capacity

      Obviously, a dangerous mission that must be stopped..