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Oh, Michele, at it again with the "I'm not saying, just saying..." strategy? Didn't you try that just recently and didn't it sort of not work out the way you had hoped it would?

What exactly are you trying to say here Michele? Do you honestly believe that Barack Obama, with the help of ACORN, is planning to use census data to round up you and your family?

If I could have the attention of the Bachmann supporters for a bit of a private conversation.

Dear Bachmann supporters,

I have a few relatively simple questions for you. Is this really who you want representing you in Congress? Fine, she opposes abortion and you are firmly pro-life but do you also share these same tinfoil hat fears that census data will be used to round you up? I get that this is a relatively conservative district but do you think we could come to some sort of agreement that just because you are conservative doesn't mean you have to be crazy?

Thank You

Eric Austin aka Political Muse

Have you ever heard something so phenomenally stupid that all you can do is giggle and shake your head? Now imagine that you had this experience every single time the person representing you in your nation's government opened their mouth and you would understand my world.