Yesterday evening I traveled out to St. Joseph to attend the Senate District 14 DFL meeting at which Representative Larry Hosch and Senator Tarryl Clark spoke with locals about the recent legislative session.

Representative Hosch started things off with a brief review of both the budget put forward by Governor Pawlenty which he described as a budget of someone who would not be around to deal with its affects on Minnesota and the budget put forward by the legislature.

The biggest sticking point between the two sides, according to Hosch, appears to be whether they solved the remaining $1 billion budget gap by borrowing the money through bonding like the Governor proposed or whether to increase taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans and through other sales taxation.

It was abundantly clear at this meeting that Hosch is a representative to be proud of as he pointed out the faults in the budget set forward by Pawlenty but also recognized that this systemic problem of deficits year after year is the fault of both the legislature and the Governor. It is refreshing to hear someone admit that there is a problem for which everyone is at fault including themselves and that he tried to do his part to fix that problem.

Stay tuned for more on Health & Human Services cuts, the GAMC veto, the constitutionality of unallotment, and more...