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Today is the day, the day on which Governor Pawlenty emerges from his throne room to announce to the peasantry what decisions he has made. It is the day on which we will see who will increase their share of the budget burden so that the wealthiest amongst us can avoid the pain.

A Governor who chose to meet with DFL leadership in the legislature only a handful of times and spent nearly a month outside of Minnesota during the legislative session itself will now go it alone. This strategy is not out of some magnanimous desire to help the state but rather out of a selfish need to impress conservative activists in crucial states needed to be the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

Last week I attended a meeting at which Representative Larry Hosch pointed out just what these decisions mean for the metaphorical family budget T-Paw likes to tout:

You can voice your concerns about this unprecedented move to subvert the authority of our legislative process by signing this petition at Defend Minnesota and sending a message to Governor Pawlenty that this is not how we do things here.