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For those that do not know, MNMuseTube is a project that I took on a year ago to catalogue and post floor speeches of Minnesota's Democratic delegation in Congress. Typically, I have taken those videos and posted them here with occasional explanation of the topic or legislation being discussed.

While MNMuseTube will be a continued feature here, it will take on a slightly different form. From here on out I will be posting the videos with discussion on Congress Matters.

Congress Matters aims to bring the community-based political watch party that we've built at Daily Kos to the United States Congress.

By watching, learning, analyzing and discussing the daily activities of the Congress, we hope to improve our effectiveness as advocates and activists. We'll pull back the curtains on how Congress conducts its business, both public and "private" (i.e., within the party caucuses and conferences), explain floor procedure and rules, and even throw in a little gut feeling when appropriate to try to get a better picture of what's going on, and more importantly, what we can do about it.

Each week there will be a round up of links to MNMuseTube stories on my Congress Matters page. Currently, you can view the latest Keith Ellison appearance in his role as Progressive Caucus spokesperson and Amy Klobuchar speaking about the Travel Promotion Act of 2009.