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Senator Clark slams the Governor for trying to impress national conservatives at the expense of everyday Minnesotans. Without reelection hanging over his head, Pawlenty is free to make the most extreme cuts which may play well to the base of the ever shrinking Republican Party but which the average Minnesotan will probably find unacceptable.

But what are the consequences of these unallotment cuts?

  • The GAMC veto could cost upwards of 4000 jobs.
  • Hospitals could see 20 jobs lost for every $1 million in cuts.
  • An estimated 900 jobs were lost due to the line item veto of bonding projects.
  • Education will potentially see another $1.8 billion cut as Governor Pawlenty simulates a shift through unallotment.

These are but a few of the consequences of a Governor who has decided to use the state of Minnesota as his very own conservative proving grounds without regard to what the majority of Minnesotans wish out of their state government.