The Obama Campaign needs to start rolling out a whole lot more of these ads to hit McCain. It is high time we took off the gloves:

It reminds me of my own representation in Congress, who believes this economy is super awesome...


2 responses to "Obama Ad: "Better Off""

  1. Gary Gross On August 21, 2008 at 7:10 AM

    Wanna fight back? Alright. When Democrats took control of Congress, the national average for a gallon of gas was $2.46. Now it's $3.80-something. It topped out at $4.11 a gallone.

    The Democrats' biggest achievement was passing an increase in the minimum wage. Yes, they'll point to the non-energy energy bill that President Bush signed but that's done nothing to help consumers. All it did was mandate the use of lightbulbs that have excessive amounts of mercury in them.

    On the other hand, President Bush's policies have prevented another terrorist attack while liberating 50+ million people from tyrants. Oh and disarm a terrorist state's (Libya) WMD arsenal.

    Meanwhile, here in Minnesota, the DFL inherited a $2.2 billion surplus, then proceeded to pass $12.1 billion worth of tax increases over the next 2 years while creating a $935 million deficit.

    You wanna hit hard? Let's have at it.

    BTW, If Larry Haws is this great champion of education, why didn't he sign onto HF2029, which would've added $376 for fiscal year 2008 and by $606 for fiscal year 2009 to the basic formula? Wouldn't that have eliminated the need for most of the school referenda of last November?

    BTW2: Dan Severson & Steve Gottwalt were co-sponsors of that bill. I guess they aren't as anti-education as you claim, huh?

    BTW3: Why didn't HF2029 even get a hearing in committee? Might it be because the DFL didn't want people to compare their meager 2%/1% increase with a real commitment to education funding?

  2. Gary Gross On August 22, 2008 at 10:37 AM

    UPON FURTHER REVIEW: The Education Omnibus Bill that passed in 2007 raised education funding by $100 in 2008 & $50 in 2009.

    Rep. Haws, Rep. Hosch & Sen. Clark voted for that bill. That's proof that the DFL doesn't give a damn about education!!!

    Talk is cheap. So are Haws, Hosch & Clark & the DFL.