As the Republican Party trips over itself to make it clear that perhaps the most reliably conservative district in the entire state does not actually represent their values, it is important to note that there is another choice in this special election that does not involve bible throwing or abuse convictions. Lisa Fobbe (DFL), has her campaign site up and running:

Fobbe has tried to cast herself in the role of the bipartisan candidate and with the endorsement of Mark Olson on the Republican side, it is becomes an even easier case to make. Olson is so far out on the fringe of his party that most within his party would like little or nothing to do with him.

A DFLer, Fobbe said she’ll work hard to continue the bipartisan approach Wergin, a Republican, championed during her six years in office.

“The political bomb-throwers are the ones who get all the attention,” Fobbe said. “But they’re not getting anything done for Minnesota. What I always admired about Betsy was her willingness to look beyond party labels. She always understood that Minnesotans don’t care who’s a Republican and who’s a Democrat. They’re looking for leaders willing to do the hard work to get things done and that’s the approach I’ll bring to the Capitol.”

This is an extremely difficult district for the DFL to run in and even with a Mark Olson endorsement and possible Primary win (believe me, it can happen!), Fobbe is going to have to work her tail off in order to win the district. However, you have to wonder how the drama and division of the endorsement process will play out in the district. If Olson is defeated in the Primary, will Olson supporters revolt and stay home? If Olson wins, will Krueger supporters stay home or even come out to support Fobbe? Will Krueger be breaking her pledge not to campaign?

I am currently running three polls for those people living in the district:

Primary Election Poll (Olson vs. Krueger)

General Election Poll (Fobbe vs. Olson)

General Election Poll (Fobbe vs. Krueger)

Also, if you are a Republican living in SD16, I would love to hear your reactions to being essentially thrown out of the Republican Party by everyone from the Senate Caucus, A Republican Senator, and Republican Bloggers.


2 responses to "Fobbe For SD16 (The Non-Abusive Candidate)"

  1. Anonymous On August 15, 2008 at 9:32 PM

    I am a Republican living in SD16 and I will not vote for Mark Olson! I am ashamed of the mockery our Republican party has made of itself by endorsing Olson. For the first time since I voted for Jimmy Carter I will be voting for a DFLer come this November. Go Fobbe!

  2. lloydletta On August 16, 2008 at 11:52 PM

    It would be worth attempting to get a public comment from Mary Kiffmeyer and Sondra Erickson on Mark Olson. After all they are running on the ticket with him.