Heidi Olson, wife of spousal abuser Mark Olson (R), has an LTE in the Sherburne Citizen this week hammering back at the recent comments made by Republican opponent, Alison Krueger. Krueger made it clear that women could not and should not support Olson because of his past behavior.

Let's clear the air. The unexplained, questionable "fears" expressed in last week's paper by Ms. Krueger came as a surprise. I, as a woman, and Mark Olson's wife, requested that Mark run for the Senate.

I encouraged him to run because I am concerned about the times we are in as a country and trust Mark to represent me. I know where he stands and believe he can help restore fiscal stability. I don't believe that a legislator should spin like a leaf blowing in the wind, changing directions by what the polls say. I believe we need people who don't fear standing on convictions, and are able to "course correct" when necessary.

Encouraging Mark to run opens up the potential for other candidates to exploit the problems that Mark and I had two years ago. This will obviously be very painful for us. No family should have to go through what we did. The decision was not made in haste, but enough is enough.

Mark has complied with all the court requirements and more. He has repeatedly made clear his need for forgiveness, even from the Minnesota House (televised), and we both attend counseling together. There is hope for marriages.

If anyone else is tired of negative and personal attacks, please join me in support of Mark. He does not do that. Look at his voting record and ideas, and then decide. We can be controlled by those who use untrue, fear tactics without substantive evidence, or we can refuse insulting campaigns. Vote based on good ideas with a strong record to back it. Please call with support, questions or concerns. (763) 263-3500.

Heidi Olson

Big Lake, MN

Yes, Mrs. Olson, your husband did apologize for what he called "his part" but if you cannot recognize that he still blames you for a significant portion of an incident that was no fault of your own then unfortunately there is little we can do but wish you well and hope for the best. However, that does not mean he gets to have the forgiveness of the voting public. In this instance, Alison Krueger is absolutely right and I would extend her remarks beyond women to anyone who has children and do not want those children to be abused. You may forgive and forget but the people of the district deserve far better than what your husband has to offer.

That being said, I have to wonder what the consequences of this fight are going to be on the Republican Party in District 16. Olson still has plenty of support within the district and the infighting that looks to be coming will surely drive a wedge between sensible Republicans who cannot tolerate his actions and the throngs of supporters who believe he was wronged.

In fact, in the very same edition of the Sherburne Citizen, there is another LTE from an Olson supporter ready to forgive, forget, and beat down any Republican who dare speak ill of one of God's Representatives:

While I respect Alison Krueger's tenacity and willingness to run; of the three candidates, simple logic says Rep. Mark Olson has the most experience, hands down. Krueger may want to think twice about challenging an eight time winning incumbent legislator. Olson has won eight consecutive elections for the Minnesota House; with decisive margins. As a carpenter, it comes naturally for Olson to build coalitions and bridges to garner nonpartisan support and momentum.

Olson's wife, Heidi, supports him and they have reconciled their differences. I for one believe in forgiveness, redemption and God's healing grace; therefore I will support their efforts toward reconciliation as a family. I also support Olson's efforts to run for state senate. Mark is looking forward to the many new challenges that beset our legislative district, county, state and nation. It will take an experienced leader to navigate the waters ahead. We need a man like Olson to move us forward; one who is experienced, has been tempered and tested with the fire of adversity, and still says, I wish to serve.

It looks as though the race in Senate District 16 is going to be a knock down drag out fight between Krueger and Olson. Given that Krueger is a Kiffmeyer lacky, this battle could be a net benefit for both Lisa Fobbe and 16B candidate, Steve Andrews. Are Republicans going to rip themselves apart in District 16?


4 responses to "Mark Olson's Wife: Forgive Him..."

  1. Anonymous On August 4, 2008 at 10:10 AM

    As a former republican BPOU chair (and a current conservative) I certify that not all conservatives are drinking the punch when it comes to politicians dressed in conservative clothing.

    I wholly support Mark in his efforts to heal his family.

    But in light of his transgression, he has no business in a representative role in government.

    Dear fellow republicans (if you happen to be reading the liberal blogs), if you opposed Clinton when his moral indiscretions came to light, you are obligated to oppose your own side for the same. Otherwise the party of 'family values' is just talk and you are a sellout for 'fiscal values' (not that we haven't fallen down on that job too, huh?).

  2. Gary Gross On August 4, 2008 at 12:00 PM

    Betsy Wergin threw her support & organization behind Alison Krueger, which will make a significant difference.

    I've met Ms. Krueger. She's an impressive candidate.

  3. Sy Coanalyst On August 6, 2008 at 9:17 PM

    What the hell is in the water up there?

  4. eric zaetsch On August 8, 2008 at 3:14 PM

    He has suffered much, and ... what's the pay grade, State Senate, for a part time job? ... still wants to serve. Uh-huh.

    First comment - Clinton never used physical force or violence against his wife.

    There are issues. There are wrong choices, many more than good ones.

    Olson's not been that bright, with family difficulties a part of it.

    Put someone bright up as the GOP candidate. As the DFL candidate.

    Elk River deserves the best it can get.