A couple of days ago I wrote about the results of my recent polling in Senate District 16. Those results showed that despite the endorsement of Mark Olson by SD16 Republicans, Alison Krueger performs better with the general population.

In general election match-ups, the evidence is clear that Krueger is also the stronger candidate to go up against Lisa Fobbe (DFL).

A couple thoughts:

1. While Fobbe leads in both of these polls, I would say that the more important information is in the amount of that lead within each poll. If she leads by only 8% to Alison Krueger you can guarantee that this match up is far closer and far more to Krueger's advantage given the make of the district.

2. This is a highly conservative district and very difficult for the DFL to compete in but the nearly 50% advantage Fobbe shows against Olson shows that she can win if SD16 Republicans show up to the Primaries to get back at the Republican Party for snubbing their choice. While these polls don't necessarily reflect an absolute snap shot of the race, they do indicate a certain level of competitiveness between a Fobbe/Krueger race and a Fobbe/Olson race.